age conscious

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Have you ever met an individual so ‘Age Conscious’ and ‘Respect Thirsty‘?

Someone who places every word you say or gesture you make side by side with their ‘Age’ to weigh the kind of reaction to give out😊.

I bet they have a chamber in their brain, one I like to call the Respect Detector...Here’s how it works; whatever words you say in their presence it immediately sends a signal there to have proper scrutiny. They are thinking to themselves all the time…” is this reducing my value?…No he’s not my mate, I shouldn’t laugh too much with him”… “How can she talk to me like that and pretend it was a joke, we are not age mates now!”


In a scenario where you see the whole team bursting out some good and contagious laugh, not them! They are very immune to these things. All they can contribute to a discussion is half baked laughter and minced words, it is even better they don’t laugh at all.

Before you say ‘Jack’…they have dished out all the words

You are hanging out with them and instead of having a good time, all that they say revolves around ‘maximum respect’, they would be like “Please I don’t take certain jokes, you know I am very sensitive”… Excuse you! Do you think the other person is brain dead😡? Why not have a good laugh instead of always looking out for words that dent your reputation.

Every time ‘Am I your mate?… Do you know what I have seen in life?’ gosh! Are you not tired! 😒

You ask them why they always keep to themselves and they begin to give you unsolicited stories of how they are protecting their self worth… ‘I prefer to stay on my own o, so that tomorrow no one will disrespect me’… Yen yen yen😫! Enough, please!


It is not a curse, but these sets of individual can never have a complete good moment, they can never have a good laugh and most importantly they can never have genuine friends… because everyone will have no choice than to tread carefully around them.

Too Age Conscious, Respect Thirsty… Gosh!