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Ant Girl…

When I was a kid, I loved watching ants. You know the saying “Go to the ants and learn from them” right?  I was always looking out for ant houses and whenever I found one, I volunteered to be their chef. To ensure there was no famine in their land, I would either put plenty of sugar or bread crumbs by their doorstep (Is it a hill or hole step?). It gave me so much joy seeing them come out in their numbers to feed. 

I actually wanted to know if the ants were as wise as the bible puts, well guess what, these creatures are organized. Down to the transfer of food from one ant to another, to the straight file, and the way they fought with antagonistic creatures like cockroaches (OMG! I hate these ones), it made me so happy. 

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Sometimes I wish they could talk so I could do a proper introduction like: “Hey fellas! it’s your favourite human, what would you love to have for dinner yo!”

If you ever find yourself around me and an ant passes by and you smash it dead without mercy, I could shoot you if I had a gun. Don’t try me! That ant has a family goddammit! You probably just killed the breadwinner of a colony, how cruel! That’s some first-degree animal cruelty! you should go to jail.

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Some people don’t even want to imagine that there’s an ant in the same environment with them, talk more of when they see the ant..they reach for their heels and smash without mercy. How cruel? Despite my hate for roaches, I don’t even smash them, just a little wipe to weaken them and then I dispose of them far away.

News Flash: Sometimes when a cockroach threatens my existence and I eventually get a grip of it, I slightly give it a sucker punch and then drag the idiot down to my soldiers. You need to see the struggle, it’s always like a Goliath struggling with a thousand and one Davids. 

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Bird and Dog Girl…

I love birds. I can stay still at a particular spot, not making any sound just so a bird can comfortably eat the little crumbs on the floor😍. I don’t like that they see me or hear my footsteps and fly away, it breaks my heart. If there was a way to communicate to them that I mean no harm, I will be glad to learn such. Does anyone understand the bird language? Sigh!

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Typical me!

Dogs are by every measure my favorite pets😉, as a matter of fact, I got two. I understand when a person says they don’t like dogs, perhaps due to some miscalculated bad experience in their past. What I don’t understand is why someone will see a dog minding its business and the next thing that comes to mind is to pick stones and start throwing or mimicking the dog in a hateful manner. Do you know that dogs find this very triggering? Some of you will say ‘how does she know, has she been a dog before?’  You might  do this for pure hate or fun, either way, such acts are condemnable. Stay away from animals if you cannot be humane to them.  Do not stir up trouble or else your ass might just get bitten to its bones someday.

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Also a very important question here; If you cannot cater for a dog, why have one? Stop increasing the population of stray pets! I hate to see hungry dogs on the street. I sometimes wish I could question them to take me to their owner so I can mete out some really grave punishments🙅.

News Flash: Just so you know it pleases me when a dog suddenly starts chasing a fool that was looking for its trouble by probably throwing stones or mimicking… such moments I loveeee!. 😜


And You…

Now you’ve just read about my loyalty for certain animals, do you think I am weird? Well if you do then you have to get yourself checked. Well, I’ll love to read about your relationship with animals too. Tell me your favorite, worst and why and also what irks you regarding animal cruelty.