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In my review of How To Get Away With Murder, season 6 episode 2, I mentioned that it was a 50-50 chance with Vivian Maddox, I mean it was either she went back home or found something potent against Annalise Keating.

Well, guess what, the latter was it. The moment I saw Vivian Maddox in the courtroom, I knew there was more. “You speak so highly of Annalise, I wanna see what the hype is about” these were her words to Gabriel when he asked what she was doing in court.  But was it just about the hype?

From the storyline, we observed that Vivian hadn’t had a primary contact with Annalise until Sam’s death but I am sure she’s heard so much about Annalise’s legal prowess and kept wondering how it was possible for a black woman to always emerge victorious in her court cases especially in a society where racism was the order of the day. Remember the Supreme Court victory? I’m sure she heard that too, I mean that was all over the news. At every of Annalise’s win, Vivian is aghast at how she does it, is she some type of God or something? 

How to get away with Murder
Gabriel Maddox

Like the saying ‘people will always hate what they cannot comprehend’, Vivian hates Annalise not just for Sam but for her black woman magic. Deep down something tells her Annalise is a facade and a walking lie that is why at every opportunity, she spells it to her face. Vivian’s ultimate wish is that the world sees Annalise for who she really is that is why she keeps digging into matters that involve Annalise.


Michaela’s defence of her client in court becomes Vivian’s ultimate cue. I literally heard her say “Bursted Bit**”…funny innit! According to Vivian, there is no how a person who hadn’t had first-hand experience with a murder case will be so passionate like the way Michaela spoke in court. Putting the little pieces together, she comes to the conclusion that it was about Sam death. 

Vivian was wowed by Gabriel’s session in court, now she feels he got what it takes to bring his father, Sam’s killers to book hence her reason for handing him all Sam’s file. I can’t wait to see what he does with it. Perhaps he finds something triggering that makes him kill Annalise? Just maybe he’s the killer we’ve been looking for.

Now, what next? Vivian has struck a deal with the FBI, one thing for sure is she won’t stop until Annalise is brought to book.

How To Get Away With Murder S6E3: “HI, FRANK”
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“Hi, Frank” Holy shit! Pardon my French but my heart did sink, that was Xavier Castillo, right? I felt so betrayed on Frank’s behalf, who could have set him up? I will place my bet on the chubby cab driver.

You know initially, he had resisted Frank, saying he had turned a new leaf trailing clients, then a few scenes further he is seen disclosing Laurel’s whereabouts to Frank. Hmmm! ideally would the fear of the Castillo’s have let him speak if it wasn’t a set up? Perhaps the first time Frank approached him, he reported back to Xavier hence the plot to lure frank in.

Now Frank’s in, what next? Would he be captured and killed? Hmmm, that’s a tough one, since I watched I have been worried sick about Frank. But guess what I take solace in, remember the preview of Annalise’s death, I saw Frank in the video fuming, except that was a cut and join scene then I’ll be mad. Peter Nowalk, ain’t no kidding this time yo!

Frank Delphino hates to hear “I told you so”, and like he told Oliver, it is embarrassing and so to put him off his mystery, he needs to find the answers first, before anyone lays hold of them.

How to get away with Murder
Laurel Castillo and Frank

The big question lies with Laurel, Do you think she’s been calling the shots or she is actually being framed?

Pronouncing her innocent at this point may be unwise especially reminiscing on what Laurel’s dad,  Mr. Castillo said to Frank when he paid him a visit in prison concerning the safe deposit box. Paraphrasing, he described her as selfish, adding that she loves no one, that was why he wanted to save little Christopher from her wrath.


Also remember Dominic, before Frank sniffed life out of him? what he said about Laurel manipulating all the men who loved her. Phew! What to believe now? Perhaps we wait for episode 4 of How to Get Away With Murder season 6 before we conclude about Laurel.

Meanwhile, how in God’s name will Frank get the hell outta that place? They wouldn’t set him free just like that. Maybe he gets captured and goes missing for a while, leaving Oliver with no choice than to inform the other guys who might just call the police. But the sad news is, the police are not their friends.


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I was right about Vivian Maddox in my last review, it was ‘hate’ the whole time, I mean her hate for Annalise which fuels her to reopen Sam’s case. 

She is equally angry about Gabriel who has refused to give her the necessary attention and as usual, Annalise becomes the center of blame.

Gabriel was cleaning his grandmother’s apartment, Gwen, after her death when he found his birth certificate and moved to Middleton University in Philadelphia in between his first and second years at law school from the University of Virginia in order to get answers for his father’s death. To Vivian’s knowledge, he still attends UVA.

…” but things didn’t go that way for me, Annalise, Sam was the magic, you felt it too. A man that not only sees you but sees the ugliness inside you and wants you even more because of it. Sam wanted me like I was perfect. You don’t get to feel that and be okay when it goes away,it’s a horrible feeling. And I blame Sam because he’s the one who broke vows, but I blame you too”… Vivian has been angry for 25 years, I could relate to her pains. That moment when you get too comfortable in love and suddenly the spark disappears, who do you blame? The other woman? Well, your guess is as good as Vivian’s.

how to get away with murder
Gabriel Maddox and Professor Annalise Keating

“…Now, look at those two dark skin sisters playing out the same story, giving everything over for a man who sees us in a world that doesn’t exist. It is not magic Vivian, it’s a lie.” At this point, we could see that Annalise felt Vivian’s pain but she wasn’t going to wallow in it. It’s a lie Vivian, the magic was a mirage. Annalise had lived with Sam for over 25 years and that’s a really long time to uncover a person’s true character. Yes, she fell for Sam’s magic just like Vivian but in marriage with him, She studied Sam well enough to know that his love antics accompanied deceit. Prior to the statement, Annalise narrated to Vivian how it was Sam who came after her, his ‘patient’, “God knows I could have said ‘no’ but I needed him to make myself feel worthy”. This gave the viewers an insight on how long Annalise had always battled with low self-esteem and hated being black.

Will Vivian actually live town now that Annalise has something on her son Gabriel? Hell is definitely gonna receive one visitor when Michaela finds out Asher couldn’t keep his mouth shut for the umpteenth time.


Although it wasn’t Annalise’s intention to tell Vivian that Gabriel killed her ex but I feel it was best. I mean Vivian had the nerve to go to the freakin FBI, common! that’s Annalise’s worst nightmare and she will go to every length to ensure it doesn’t happen.

I think it is a 50:50 here, Vivian would either leave town considering her love for her son Gabriel or find something stronger against Annalise.

Well, we look forward to more answers on subsequent episodes on the series How to Get Away With Murder.


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While episode one of season six gripped viewers with suspense as it revealed the imminent death of Annalise Keating in its last scene and also generally gave a hint on what the characters might be up to in subsequent episodes, episode 2 although taking the same line, came out bitter-sweet in playing the suspense card.

Most viewers had the mind that Peter Nowalk was going to kick off episode 2 with the death of Annalise, but we see the professor still Alive and well, explaining to berserk Michaela that she was only an intern in her father, Dwight Halpern case and had nothing personally on him to have deliberately picked her for the ‘Keating 5’, of course, it’s Michaela, she wasn’t buying what Annalise was selling.

Somehow I had the premonition that Micheala was on a lost cause trying to find her father. I had thought that if he doesn’t read the same script as Nate Senior, he might just flip it a little and that was it, he had died about a year ago.


Image result for michaela pratt and Annalise how to get away with murder season 6
Michaela Pratt

Just maybe if it were the last two seasons, Peter Nowalk would have made provision for extra characters but right now it’s serious business as the script focuses on characters who have been there or disappeared far back in the series. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to having Sam’s sister, Hannah Keating, and Annalise’s ex-girlfriend, Eve,  bring some fire back to our screens, just like Vivian Maddox who seems to be blowing some heat…well we shall see who gets hurt at the end of the day.

But hold on why did the prison guard tell Micheala she could meet her dad now, only to discover he was dead? I smell a little fish here, shouldn’t he have been aware that he was dead or? Perhaps someone can enlighten me on how the prison system works in the comment session. In my opinion, something is not right here, is her father really dead?

Don’t forget to stay glued for more reviews on How to Get Away With Murder on here.


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So Gabriel gives his word to Micheala, promising to love her long term and they both make love. Hmmm how sweet! This was my thought the whole time I’m watching and then ‘Tring Tring Tring’, that was Gabriel’s phone after Micheala had gone to the bathroom to clean up.

It was his mother, Vivian Maddox. “Hey I know I missed your call this weekend”. Gabriel said as soon as he answers the phone. “Then you know you also have to call me twice this week”…Vivian responded.

He lies to her that he’s still studying at the University of Virginia unbeknownst to him that she was parked right outside his apartment and looking up to his bedroom.

Gabriel and his mom appeared to be 5 & 6, so what’s up with the lies to each other. Vivian is in town and she wouldn’t let her son know, likewise Gabriel who’s not studying but prefers to lie about it.

Like Gabriel has promised to love Michaela long term, so is Vivian who has arrived in the town long term. She is seen unpacking in a new apartment and places in a shelf a box labelled  “Dr Sam Keating — Case 2882.” 

Then, she receives a  text from a withheld number: “Annalise is back.”

Hmmm! Is it about to be a bumpy bloody ride on Annalise?  Well, I’m guessing so.

It is obvious Vivian intends to reopen Sam’s case, but why? Why reopen the case of a man who was never there for you and your son? Perhaps you loved him Vivian, but Sam was away too long from you to have your love for him boiling at his death.

It’s more of anger. You are angry Vivian. He left you for a fellow black woman, Annalise, and that hurts you so much. It hurts you so bad that you have been scheming your revenge even before his death and now it came for you on a platter, his death is now an avenue to fuel your long years of hatred. I know.

How to get away with Murder
Gabriel Maddox

With the last conversation with Vivian and Gabriel, I could sense a feeling of betrayal from her. I think She sent him there purposely for revenge. She needed a third eye to keep tabs on Annalise and he was her best bet.

Gabriel being free-spirited barely remembers to check on her as he used to. He is carried away and wants to be friends with the ‘Keating’s Five’. Well, we’ll see where that lands him.

By the way who texted Vivian? I will put my money on Frank! Recall in the last scene of season 4, when Gabriel made his first appearance on the season? At the ongoing registration at the Law school? And we see Frank put a call across saying “Your son is here”.

Who did he call? I bet Vivian! Remember Frank is that guy who knew all of Sam’s escapades and did his dirty biddings as recompense for plotting the death of Annalise’s son.
But the question now is, would he take long before he informs Annalise about Vivian’s arrival like he did with Gabriel’s or would he work in Tandem with Vivian.
Over to you, what’s your take on this episode of How to Get Away with Murder, season 6, episode one? I’ll await your comments.
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Emmett Crawford is dead and Tegan Price immediately becomes managing partner for Caplan and Gold.

Should Nate believe she has no hands in his death? Of course not! He senses some surreptitious display from Tegan on finding out she signed the documents to get Emmett’s body transferred back to London.

Nate confronts Tegan on his recent findings only for her to divulge that she was under pressure from her bosses, also warning him to back off because “they have this whole place covered”. I bet she was referring to the Castillo’s. Well just like Nate, I am equally not buying Tegans lie.


 At this point, I am scared for Annalise and her whole crew (Bonnie, Frank, Asher, Micheala, Oliver, Connor). I couldn’t have mentioned Laurel Castillo. She’s somewhere in the Loop that involves Tegan and the CEO of Caplan and Gold, Mr. Jorge Castillo, who happens to be Laurel’s father. This explains her disappearance, isn’t it?

Knowing how dreaded the character ‘Mr. Castillo’ has been portrayed in previous seasons, I bet Tegan wouldn’t have betrayed him just like that. Laurel too. I pressure they deceived Annalise, waiting for the right time to drag the carpet beneath her feet. Beware, Annalise! The Castillos are coming.

how to get away with murder
Tegan and Emmett at Annalise house for Christmas in season 5

 If you disagree with my theory, how come Tegan quickly pointed out to the FBI  that Emmett was poisoned? Even the FBI agent appeared shocked for a second. Seeing someone convulsing is not enough to conclude that they were poisoned, is it?

 Nate is definitely on the hunt for concrete evidence to pin her down. Now his google search results for “Tegan Price Mexico City” brings up a 2009 photo of Tegan and Jorge Castillo at an esteemed conference. Hmmm…what does Nate intend to do with this? Prior to his new discovery, he told Annalise on her arrival from rehab that Emmett’s death accompanied no foul play. I bet he wants to be really sure before informing the boss chic.


 Then the huge shock was seeing Tegan assume Emmett’s workspace and flinging his glasses into the trash saying “Boy, bye”. Was this her natural power-thirsty trait at work? Well, I doubt.

 Although the character Tegan on the first appearance in the series came up really strong, seemingly like that ‘point and kill’ lady who no one dares. But in the long run, we discover it’s all a facade. Tegan is a scared cat. This leaves me to my conclusion that she has the backing of the Castillo’s and she definitely knows the whereabouts of Laurel and Baby Christopher.

Wear your seat belts! How To Get Away With Murder is about to get very rough!


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“You’re not a failure, you are not trash, you are not cold, you are not a bitch, you are not ugly, you are not disgusting…you deserve to be loved, you deserve to be free… I want out! I want out! Forgive yourself, Annalise! I forgive you, I forgive you!” Annalise knew punching the pillow was not going to make her feel better, not even for a sec, yet with so much rage brewing she kept punching the pillow, affirming those words. She is broken, the more she tries to feel better, the more she becomes worse. Torture and rage-filled her whole being.

This is a woman severely straining her emotions to make her problems go away, but No! They follow her everywhere she goes.

The first scene of How To Get Away With Murder season 6 episode one, comes with a blissful aura, I felt like I was in an Elysium with the characters until I heard “Stoooooop!”Annalise screamed…oops! I mean Karen. What’s with the new name Mrs. Keating?

Unbeknownst to the viewers, Annalise had a relapse following Laurels disappearance and she couldn’t risk the District Attorneys finding out, hence a change of name at the rehab.

I knew Annalise couldn’t have stayed so long in rehab just as seen in previous seasons where she loathed any situation that made her vulnerable (like the sessions with Isaac Roa and the series of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings) and also could never be away for too long from her ‘non-blooded dysfunctional family’.

Although fully aware that affirming positive words while in Rehab did not make her feel better, Annalise would kill for Asher, Connor, Oliver, and Michaela to say them too. Why would Annalise do that? I bet she felt providing them restoration would provide her a fraction of peace at least. But the reverse was the case when Asher beckoned her to tell Mikela the truth about her birth parents.

So unfortunate, Michaela who was reluctant to do so initially had started to feel better after the whole mantra of whipping the pillow with a tool looking like a golf club. Now she’s shocked and immediately confronts Annalise and threatens to kill her if it’s actually true.

how to get away with murder
The moment Micheala found out

Suddenly there was blood splatter on my screen and the golf club like tool ascending with blood dripping from it. And the biggest shocker, a scene of Annalise’s burial ceremony…“Could Peter Nowalk be joking with me?” A rhetoric question I had to ask myself.

Wait! Who killed Annalise?  Michaela? I know she had threatened but could she have done that. She might have to owe to the fact that she’s been on a futile search for her birth parents and the one person who owed her the truth hid it from her.

Fans have argued that Annalise cannot be dead so early in the season especially knowing that she’s the center of all the havoc and mysteries in the series. Also compared to the previous seasons where Peter Nowalk pitches the story from a futuristic angle and then later fuses the present with the future. Whatever be the case, Annalise died and this is not some imaginative death scene like she practiced in Rehab. Ooo, wait a sec! what if it was a plot? these guys can do anything to escape the FBI innit?

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How To Get Away With Murder as we all know is a heavyweight of mysteries and plot twists cutting across every scene of it.
Although taking very quick steps, season 6 episode one of the series gave rise to six nerve-racking questions:
1) Where is Laurel and Baby Christopher?
2) Whose side is Tegan Price really on?
3) What will the mystery key unlock?
4) What is Vivian Maddox up to?
5) What is Michaela real family’s history?
6) Who killed Annalise?
Get ready! We will be dissecting each of of the questions in subsequent posts. Make sure you follow through.