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When you invite someone to a function, would you prefer if they can fend for themselves or you prefer they follow you all about the place?

A lot of friends complain that I fail to honour their invitations and also fail to invite them over. “ooo your sister is getting married soon, how come I am just hearing that?”

“Uju when will you ever invite me for your Chess class?”

Well here’s the Truth! There are some friends I cannot tell to come along with me to a function. You see the friends that follow you about the place, those are the ones I avoid granting an invite.

I understand that being in an unfamiliar environment could come with an overdose of shyness, but I expect that you are able to break free along the line.  Personally, the main reason I reject invites is the,t I am shy, and I wouldn’t want to be a burden to whoever invited me. It’s that simple!
 Not disputing that it’s  normal to stick with friends when met with an unfamiliar gathering like parties, weddings, camping, etc. But frankly, it’s not fair to honour an invitation, and then come along with a low spirit, you must be ready for whatever comes along otherwise sit at home!
Detty December
If You Must Come Along, Be Prepared!

I invited you to a place doesn’t mean I must babysit you the whole time.

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Enjoy yourself! It’s a social event, not a communion service. Locate the restroom yourself, I shouldn’t follow you there😏… Meet people, have a good laugh, ask questions, have a good dance, mingle as you would love to…or is that not why we are here? I had my own plans prior to the event and none of it entailed babysitting an adult. Someone walks up to you, and you are trying to catch my eyes to gain consent, am I your mum😒? Feel free OK!

Stop  asking me “when are we going home?” I could strangle you😐.

Stop being the reason a friend doesn’t enjoy an event… So if you must come along, be prepared! Otherwise, sit your ass at home!

Note: I had to reshare this in the advent of Detty December. Christmas is here!! But remember, no Detty December for boring people. If you cannot be ‘detty’ sit your ass down at home like me🤣🤣.