Apples most expensive film

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For Apple to purchase a movie for a whopping sum of  $20 million after watching just its eight minutes sizzle reel, then you know it is no joke. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Joe Morris and Anthony Mackie as Bernard Garrett, ‘The Banker’ strikes the chord of an inspirational civil rights drama.

Based on real-life events, George Nolfi’s direct tells the story of two African American revolutionary entrepreneurs who seek to financially empower black Americans by buying homes in the white neighbourhoods for them to rent and offering loans to black-owned businesses. In order to get around racial discrimination and take on the racist establishment of the ’60s, they recruit a white guy as their frontman while they run the business from behind the scenes.

The Banker

I learnt a great deal from watching ‘The Banker’. First, the importance of marrying the right partner which for me, was one of the deepest lessons. Marrying the wrong spouse can cost you a great deal of misfortune. Like Eve convinces Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, It takes Matt’s wife similar ways to convince him for ownership of a property. Bernard’s wife, on the other hand, is a clever street smart woman who believes in him and supports him till the very end.

How much you want something should reflect on how much you are willing to work for it.  Bernard Garrett knows what he wants and was willing to go the extra mile to get it. I love the character. His overplay of ambition and guts makes his partners and investors pick interest in him from the onset. Another lesson I learnt from watching him is that it is not always about plenty talk but getting things done. If it means doing things the unconventional way then risk it so long as you believe in it. Anyone who wants to succeed in life should possess the dogged determination to see possibilities and make it a reality.

The Banker

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Asides being Apple’s most expensive film at the moment, another reason I was excited to watch ‘The Banker’ was because of Samuel L. Jackson. He’s a screen god who never disappoints in delivering his onions. He ranks as the highest of all-time box office stars with over $7.1 billion total US box office gross plus his numerous accolades and awards. It felt really exhilarating watching him play the supporting role to the lead actor. And on a lighter note, he didn’t use the word ‘motherfucker’ this time.

I really enjoyed watching ‘The Banker’ and had to recommend it to my followers out of excitement. I know it’s based on a real-life event and not fiction but I was really pained they lost a great number of their properties because of one man’s foolishness and ego. Overall, I think the casting, the cinematography as well as the sound effect were great. Editing too was apt cause I noticed some smooth connections between the pieces of the film. It’s a great one, you should watch it.