Are sundays for fashion?

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There is something I noticed on Sundays for a while now…

A lot of people complain or murmur that the sermon is taking a lot of time. But I think that’s not their worry. 

Their main worry is for the service to be over so that they can quickly go outside to take pictures which they would eventually post on social media.

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Sunday these days is more of a fashion parade than to receive the word for the week ahead. Some even go as far as leaving in the middle of the service just to take pictures.

Sundays, for Fashion not Sermon
Image source- Getty Images

I am never against anyone dressing nice or looking good but the question is “what’s your main priority of going to church? “

If you doubt me, just open your Facebook or any social media application on Sundays and see for yourself, you will observe that Sundays are now for fashion, not sermons.



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