are you on your period

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For crying out loud!  You messed up big time, and I am so pissed at what you did, I think I have the right to be angry in whatever manner I choose to express it, be it moody or overly serving you with the ‘attitude’ right?

My anger has nothing to do with me being on my period. Why are guys so fast to ask if a lady is on her period the moment she behaves queer huh? 😕

I need to be left alone, it’s not a ‘period’ issue… ‘period’ did not trigger it! I just want my alone time nowwww😥😥

When I am overly excited, it’s my state of mind, it’s not ‘period’ 😡… Can you just let me savor the moment 😫


on my period
how I intend to dracarys the next guy that ask me that question

But wait a minute! Of all the things in the world to think of, why must it be ‘period’ huh? Can’t you for once think that I need something else…like that other option that just crossed your mind now huh? 😋

Hmmm! What might that other option be? Ladies!  Guys! Let’s discuss this ‘period’ issue 👇👇

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