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Why are most staff in an organization always wary of their boss children or relatives?

Most staff tend to judge the children of their bosses with the impressions given by their boss. They will often say ‘Avoid her, she’s just like her mother’ or ‘He is as mean as his dad, don’t mind that he’s laughing’.

Your boss’s child is genuinely laughing with you and instead of enjoying the time, you become insecure, you think he/she is trying to lure you into saying things so that they can tell their mom or dad. Well, sometimes it could be the case. Some can be conniving, but common laughter and a little chat are harmless and I’m sure you are wise enough to know what you shouldn’t say… Right?

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Are you as wary as this goose?

If the boss is nice, we like their kids but otherwise, hell No! It shouldn’t be this way. Why do we forget so soon that these children have their own individuality?

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Let me ask you, are you entirely proud of your parent’s behaviour? I’m sure 90 per cent of you will say  NO. That’s the same way it is with these ones. Many of us are not proud of our parent’s behaviour if we have our way, we wouldn’t be associated with them in any measure. The least we want is to be judged in the same light.