artificial intelligence

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Seen someone for the first time and even without having a conversation with them, you try to predict their character judging by their looks alone? Well, I enjoy doing so, like I see a young man on the street,  I try to guess his name, he could be a ‘Micheal’ because of his eyes and yellow skin or a Bingo cause of his ears lol. 

Then I move over to predict his characteristics. Is he easily happy or provoked?  a nerd or dummy? lousy or quiet? I sometimes go as far as guessing his rate at womanizing lol.

How I stay by the corner, predicting characteristics of passersby

Funny thing is if fate permits that I have a conversation or spend ample time with any of these people I  placed several guesses, I find most of my guesses are correct.

I read about it, its called physiognomy. It is the act of discovering/predicting temperament and character from outward appearance. I bet everyone is a Physiognomist.

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Although according to Wikipedia, no direct proof shows that it should be relied on but due to the upsurge of artificial intelligence and machine learning for facial recognition, a revival of interest emerged suggesting that facial appearances do “contain a kernel of truth” about a person’s personality.

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