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What’s a new year without a resolution? Oh, scrap that! I really sound cliché. So here’s the deal… Muttering Minds has been running for about three months and trust me it’s been awesome, especially having to read through your intelligent comments on different posts, mehn! It’s been a learning curve.

The year is wrapping up, and I will like to weave 2020 goals for Muttering Minds around you.

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So tell me, how do you feel about Muttering Minds? The stories? Do they catch your attention enough? Do they get you thinking in the ways that you want? How about the website structure? Is it user-friendly? Bottom line! In all ramifications, rate Muttering Minds.

Muttering Minds
How do you see our logo too?

In about ten sentences, I will love to know the following from you;

  1.         How would you describe Muttering Minds?
  2.         On a scale of 0-10, where does Muttering Minds fall?
  3.         What you love about Muttering Minds?
  4.         What don’t you like about Muttering Minds?
  5.         What’s your best story so far on Muttering Minds?
  6.         How can Muttering Minds be better?

All answers will be compiled and featured in a post on any of the days within the last week of December. You can leave your answers in the comment section or send it to Remember to keep it real!

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