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I’ve seen atheists effortlessly defend the notion that there is no God. I’ve seen the zeal in their eyes when they say “I know there is a supreme being but it’s definitely not someone sitting in the sky”. How about you dear Christians? To what extent can you brag that God exists?

A lot of ‘Christians’ become speechless especially on social media when it is necessary to defend what they believe in, they stay under the guise that “you cannot defend God”. I know you cannot defend God but you can defend what you believe. It is important to note that most atheists were once ‘strong’ Christians or would I say believers who after much trying stumbled upon several reasons to stop believing in the existence of what they often call an ‘abstract’ being. Their belief system changed.

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I remember a movie I saw in 2014 titled ‘God’s not dead’ by Micheal Scott. Josh Wheaton, a Christian, enrolled in a philosophy class taught by Professor Joffrey Radisson, a staunch atheist. The professor required everyone to write on a plain sheet that “God is dead”, that was the only way to pass that class. Josh refuses and the Professor challenged him to a debate to prove the existence of God.

It would have been easy as a believer to walk away from that class and say “lead us not into temptation” or “I cannot defend God” but Josh saw that over 200 students were going to deny the existence of God so they can pass the course. It is also easy to confess that God is dead then go home to ask God for forgiveness, at least he’s a merciful father. But Josh knew what he believed in and was ready to defend it even when failure was staring at him in his face.

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It would have also been easy to leave the class after Josh’s girlfriend, Kara had to break up with him over his madness but there was a bigger picture. Josh went back home to soak himself into an intense study of the word, searching and asking questions. Although the professor was able to counter all of Josh’s points in the first two rounds of debates, in the final debate, Josh was able to prove not just to the professor but also to the whole class that there is a God.

A lot of so called ‘believers’ find it difficult to speak about their beliefs because they only know the God of the Bible, they don’t know God for themselves. When there is a little counter opinion to what they know, they are easily swayed by it and then they resolve to make statements like  “he’s God, he can defend himself” or “I wont be caught arguing for God” or worse still they shut you up and warn you not to question what you can’t understand. Was it not the same God that gave us brains to think?

A lot of believers find it difficult to speak about their beliefs because they only know the God of the Bible, they don’t know God for themselves

As believers, it is important to soak yourself in intense study of the word. It is important to also search far and wide so as to encounter him because a day will come when your faith will be tested just like Jesus in the wilderness and God help you not to fall flat on your face. You don’t defend God but you defend what you believe. Imagine how many souls would have been lost if Josh behaved as you do and didn’t stand up for God. The professor would have polluted the mind of the other students and there would have been no revival.

Your voice as a believer can bring revival to the soul of many, quit being a Sunday Christian alone because a time will come when your gold will be put into the fire. In this lockdown, begin to seek the Lord for yourself so that he can reveal dimensions of his glory to you. Stop being a quiet Christain! Feed yourself with his words! Be defensive for Christ if you have to.


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Why is it that whenever we ask God for a favour we never assume that he can fulfil it through us? We always think that God ought to use another man to bless us.

Most Christians brag about their faith level blindly.  ‘As far as your eyes can see’, they say, but it’s strange how ‘far’ breeds myopia in this context.

In my opinion, a man’s eyes ought to see from within before moving so far. After asking God in prayer for something, some christains conclude the prayer by calling forth helpers. Not saying it is wrong but why not ask God to equip you enough to help yourself instead?

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Have you ever thought that you can be your own helper instead of asking him for a strategic place where your helper can find you…whew! Let’s take, for example, a believer who has been praying to God to bless them with a new phone. Suddenly God blesses them with money enough to buy themselves a new phone but they forbid it. They keep feeling it’s a Good Samaritan or so-called helper’s job to get them one.

I have heard some Christians say “As a tither, it’s forbidden that I use my money to buy some things… Never!” Like really? Whose money should be used?

After getting favour due to continuous begging, bugging or cunningness, some  Christians walk up to the pulpit to give a testimony on what the Lord did for them, how they acquired so and so without stress. Really? Why not tell the church how you forced your way through it or does ‘the violent take it by force’ apply in this context?

As a Christian, you are not forbidden to use your own money to do your bidding. Stop the stylish begging, if a miracle will come, I’m sure you don’t need to sweat it. That money in your account might as well serve as your own miracle.

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