bad friends

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Dear Mutterers, it gives me great pleasure to communicate with you all through this medium.  An occurrence has left me shocked for days now and it’s gotten me thinking about how we humans can be though.

So here’s the gist; my supposed “best friend” just gave birth and the funny thing is I had no idea she was even pregnant. So shocking right? Especially knowing we are best friends.

This is someone I grew up with and we’ve strong bonds, although a change of house location created a long-distance we still try to keep in touch and check up on one another often. 


On finding out she had given birth, I had to go through our chats to see if there were any loopholes I probably missed but it’s been back to back of enjoyable chats and checking up on one another and not once did she mention the word ‘Pregnancy’. Lest I forget, I got the news of her delivery via her brothers WhatsApp status. Oh my WOW! I looked so shocked and stupid at the same time. 

Some of you might begin to reason, maybe we had a fight or something, but hell No! Nothing of such. I held her in high esteem, I could swear she hadn’t popped her cherry yet. How can someone you love, trust and hold in high esteem do such to you, it then means such a person can hurt you right?

Was it shame?

Yes, I am happy for her, I mean everyone is happy to receive the news of a newborn but sincerely I’m pained, this is a betrayal.  Pained especially because I had to reach out to her first and say congratulations and she just said “thank you” and locks up like nothing happened or I don’t deserve an explanation and then had the guts to ask when I will be paying her a visit.

Somehow I regret reaching out first only to get such nonchalant response. I should have just laid low and pretended like I saw nothing and wait for her to break the news herself anytime she felt. It’s all good though. It’s a cold world and like the singer, Popcaan said in his track ‘Silence’, “It’s so hard to trust your enemy at the same time, so hard to trust your friend”. Indeed the world is electric, anything can shock you.


Maybe somewhere along the line, I went wrong.  Maybe she never regarded me as a best friend. Been asking myself too many questions, I feel so betrayed or was it the shame of giving birth out of wedlock that made her hide it? how do I solve this? Have you ever been betrayed by a loved one?

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Ever been met with a custodian of false historical? The one who seems to know everything about everyone in a place?

When we are in a new environment, could be a new area, job, school etc. There’s always a talebearer within; the one who poses to know about all and Sundry.

For instance, you got a new job, it’s only normal that you try to know everyone to a reasonable extent. In the process, you will notice that there’s this quietly or overtly notorious someone who seems to be getting pretty close to you😌.

The moment you give them a chance, boom! They begin to tell you about everyone in the workplace. They give you a history of all the staff that was sacked and why. They tell you about the boss, his/her work life and personal life. They tell you who to avoid and who is nice. They paint the flaws of the workplace in a terrible light and you begin to wonder why they are still working there😦.

Be careful! These ones have nothing good to say. They hold only false histories of people. They hate with no reservations and are on a mission to recruit more haters. You will be shocked when you find out the real reason behind their hate for certain individuals in the workplace. It could be that the someone refused to give them free lunch or corrected them once at something they did wrong… Very foolish reasons to hate.

custodian of false historical?
There is one in Every Work Environment

Just like we understand things differently, this is their own myopic understanding of the people. They dish out stories relentlessly until you buy their own understanding. It’s more like a soul-winning technique for them, they will stop at nothing until they get you on their side.

How ridiculous it is Yeah! These custodians of false historical are everywhere. Be careful not to fall into the temptation of hating who they hate, of understanding how they understand…Get to know people for you, meet them and learn about them from your own perspective. I understand gossip can be sweet😂😂, but please shun these ones as it will do you a whole lotta good✌.