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“We can’t afford to wait for the world to be equal to start feeling seen. You’ve got to find the tools within yourself to feel visible, and to be heard and to use your voice”Michelle Obama

First, I will like to say I love love love love  Michelle Obama and I am so disappointed in myself for being an avid reader and haven’t read the novel, ‘Becoming’. Hopping on that now and will probably be sharing a review on that with you Mutterers soon.

So about the showpiece documentary, ‘Becoming’… can I say I love it for the umpteenth time? Because that’s what it is. The Netflix documentary follows meticulously the far-reaching facets of Michelle Obama’s life with a momentous reference to her experience as the first African-American First Lady of the United States. Michelle from her awe-inspiring point of view lets us in intimately on her past, present and the lofty bits expected from her near future. 

You know the rules, ‘Lessons’ over ‘Spoilers’, so shall we… Below are some key areas alongside their fundamentals I picked up from watching Michelle Obama for 89 minutes. You’ll be amazed.

Religion – God first! If you’ve watched ‘Becoming’, it will be hard to not observe that Michelle is not one to shy away from her religious beliefs despite the persistent torment from the press and unhealthy public opinion. It is hard to find someone occupying a position of such magnitude unapologetic about their belief. I am even more impressed at the very first scene of the movie which shows her listening to “A God Like You” by Kirk Franklin, she made it clear that’s how she begins her day. 

Becoming on Netflix - Soundtrack for Michelle Obama's Documentary

Family – Family is everything and it goes beyond blood ties. Asides from having to love and be there for her husband Barack Obama and her two girls Malia and Sasha, Michelle became a family model to her staff. I admire the bond between herself and Melissa Winter, her Chief-Of-Staff. How many staff today can boast of working with their boss for five years without any resentments? But Winter still works with Michelle for over twelve progressive years, Likewise Jin Allen who has been overseeing security for about the same number of years. And then we see the out-pour of emotions from her staff as she departs the White House…It’s all love and hearty cheers working with Michelle. 

Becoming review
Melissa Winter and Michelle Obama

Being Perfect – You fist bump with your husband and it is considered a secret terrorist handshake? Seriously?! Why would someone even think of that? Being the first lady, Michelle was faced with the burden of perfection. At every point, she always had to present herself as perfect because the press like Big Brother, was always watching. It was exhausting. ‘Becoming’ focuses on her overcoming perfection and clinging to the beauty of being herself. I guess this is why she has so many fans. In the eyes of the public, you can never always get it right. 

Becoming review
Being the first lady, Michelle was faced with the burden of perfection.

Fashion – Yasssss! As a fashion blogger, I can’t help but say that a clothing collection should be named after Michelle. Trust me, her fashion sense is one you cannot be oblivious to. From the perfectly manicured nails to the classy dresses and pants not to talk of the shoes. Oh, the shoes! Everything about Michelle just screams CLASS! No wonder her stylist had to mention she is no minimalist.

becoming review
Everything about Michelle just screams CLASS!

Life After The White House – Even after her departure from the white house, Michelle has continued to be a role model. She still maintains her stance on women empowerment, especially to the younger generation. We could see in the documentary that the basis of her tour is Inspiring, uplifting and motivating young girls and women.

becoming documentary
Michelle has continued to be a role model.

Becoming is one of the best autobiography films I have watched. I love its originality especially its use of emotions in relaying the progress of Michelle’s life. How she started from a small apartment to working her way through Princeton and Harvard, to marrying Barack Obama and ending up in the White House to become the most loved and controversial first lady is an enlightening transition.  And even after? She still sings back to my core. 

Behind The Scenes With Michelle Obama
becoming documentary

If you’ve seen ‘Becoming’ please share your thoughts with me in the comment section. And if you haven’t, feel free to gosh over the reasons you love Michelle Obama. 


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