bearing kids in marriage

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I felt the need to talk about this here because the issue of bearing kids seems to appear in most of my discussion with friends lately, let me gist you about one in particular lol😉…

Last week a friend of mine came around and you know how girls talk can be unending but really interesting lol. One talk lead to another and then we got talking about the right time to start bearing kids after marriage. Mehn! You needed to have seen the detest in her face when I asked if she would love to start bearing kids immediately after her wedding.

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“Hell No! Biko I want to enjoy my marriage for like a year or two, I want to go on trips with my hubby, catch all the fun in the world before I begin to settle for changing diapers and having tantrums daily in my ears. If my in-laws like, let them tag me barren, that’s their own headache😂” she said.

“But excuse me, aunty! this fun you speak of, did you not have them with your hubby while courting?😕”… I asked.

“Excuse you! marriage is a different phase entirely, it’s the real deal. Courting someone is mere rehearsals” she replied.

kids immediately after marriage
Hey momma! they are adorable right!


What has enjoying one’s marriage got to do with not bearing kids early enough huh? But I couldn’t help but agree with her, not because of the urge to enjoy my marriage per-say but because I will definitely need some time to get used to the whole terms and conditions of marriage life before I can accommodate tantrums and changing diapers. What about you?


Translation: ‘Biko’ is an Igbo word meaning ‘Please’. Igbo is one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. They occupy the south-central and southeastern parts of the country.