best price

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I really enjoy solo shopping contrary to how most ladies like it. The normal ladies routine is usually…‘ Only when two or three ladies are gathered, shopping should take place’. Well, I am different and this is because I like what I like and you don’t try to change my mind for anything in the world😉.

I don’t appreciate that someone accompanies me to the market and tries to influence my decision about every single item I want to buy. ‘No don’t buy it! The seller is trying to rip you off so much money… It’s expensive here, let’s check another store’.


*huge sigh* 😒😫 Like can you just let me be sis! This so far as I can remember is the umpteenth seller we have inquired on this same item. My legs are aching already. Besides the price is the same as I budgeted, why not let me do my thing huh?

Suggesting ain’t bad but don’t impose

I do not enjoy anyone taking up the role of my conscience when I intend to spoil myself silly. Do you know how much effort I put in to sedate this conscience of mine 😂😂?

Another is the issue of preference. Every lady seems to be a fashion expert nowadays.  l see a dress I love and you say “No! That’s not good enough”, in the most disparaging tone ever 😤. 

How do you even know what is good enough for me huh? If you hadn’t followed me and you saw me on this dress, I am 100% sure you will love it, so what makes it different now?


Bottom line! I enjoy shopping with me alone. If it’s on the high side and I can afford it, why not? If it’s my kind of cloth and I like it, why not? It saves me so much time you know, instead of having to walk about the whole market like one who’s on a missionary journey. 

Hey hey! Hollop! It’s not like I am against bargaining, I just believe there’s a limit to it okurrrrrr. 😊