betraying friends

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it irks me that we act all surprised when a supposed privileged gist goes viral?

Talking about another to another is our nature, we cannot survive without talking about the other person. Might not be recurring but once in a while, a man must talk. Might not be bad talks yet a man must talk.

I hate that I am about to say something confidential and I am cautioned to lower my voice… “Babe the walls have ears, keep it low” they often say. Who is the wall? Or do you mean to say you would tell a third party and then blame it on ‘the walls have ears’? 

Shut up! The walls don’t have ears! It is you who has ears, a big mouth and a wagging heart that cannot be still until you tell another what I have just said. How news flies from one person to another is not a mystery, It is courtesy ‘You and I’.

walls have ears
Walls don’t have ears, don’t be fooled

Sincerely I cannot state an exact reason(s) why we all have the ‘talking about another’ habit, It should vary per individual. If I should say about myself, a major reason for me is boredom. There are times where the atmosphere is so dull and the only way to spice it is to disclose privileged information, commonly known as ‘gossip’. And from there the circle keeps rotating; from one mouth and ears to another, not the walls.

Leave the innocent walls alone.

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