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The story of Samson in the Bible makes me imagine a whole lot.

What if there are certain things we must not indulge in but our lack of ignorance makes us susceptible and now we face several implications? But we think it’s just life!

I have come across some adults as well as little children who have never had a hair cut before, they wear this natural dread (Dada). I often ask why they decided to leave the hair so unkempt because truth is told, it usually is. The response I always get is “They said we shouldn’t put scissors on the hair?” This ritual is perculiar with the white garment churches. Before I usually laughed it off saying they wallowed in a fiasco disguised as a religion but lately I’ve been giving it an intense second thought.

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I discussed this with a friend few days ago and from one talk to another, we started to reminisce on how innocent our minds were as kids up until our teenage years and what adulthood might have done to us. What happened to our natural innocence,  creativity and intelligence? Some activities we’ve indulged in at this phase of our lives might have contrived our talents.

This brings me to the question, “What if we are like the biblical Samson?”,  maybe we must have done something(s) we shouldn’t have? And our recurrent indulgence continues to weaken our prowess to perform as geniuses that we should be. As often said,  life is spiritual.

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Samson and Delilah

Although the world has a lot of frivolities in it, it doesn’t change the fact that life is spiritual. It could be that some of us are not supposed to ever take alcohol, cut our hair, eat a particular food, get married, leave outside a particular town, etc…

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Some of us might be suffering from the repercussions of premarital sex but we don’t know!

Things happen daily that we cannot fathom, it might just be a result of our ignorance but we are so blind that we blame all our misadventures on life’s disability to be an all time rose bed.

While I agree on one hand that life is filled with ups and downs, I disagree on the other. We are only compelled to say so because we live our lives just like everyone else. We must understand that we are like different products here on earth, and you know products come with individual manuals,  if only we could follow ours down-the-line, life might just be a jar of honey.