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I think as real as the producer(s) of  Bird Box wants us to believe it is, there are still some questions that need to be answered at the end of the movie. I ended up asking myself questions like:  What happens when the survivors run out of food supply and there’s no means of getting food in any way whatsoever? What’s the cause of the virus? Who will eventually stop the virus?
Why would some people still open their eyes and not get hurt? Especially the woman who played the role of the heroine, alongside the two kids who were made to survive all forms of challenges. I mean, how on earth could such young chaps have survived such dilemma during such trying period, without getting infected with the virus or being hurt in the long run.
After asking myself these questions, I eventually had to face the reality that it wouldn’t have been possible for that woman and the two kids to survive all through the challenges, with their eyes blindfolded while they were navigating around and having nothing tangible to eat.
I also had to remind myself of the popular belief that “actor no dey die” 😄… I guess that’s why the woman didn’t have to die since she’s the main cast 😅
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There’s no point of survival!
Also, I feel there’s no point trying to survive…but I’m sure they wanted to make us believe that they needed to survive despite the challenges and that’s why there had to be an escape route, courtesy of the home for the blind since they couldn’t survive in the normal world any longer. After all, they wouldn’t mind staying with the blind since they’re used to being blindfolded almost every time.
In conclusion, I think the movie is embedded with puzzles for its viewers to unravel the answers themselves 😄.
Thanks for reading through.
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Bird Box is kinda metaphorical to me meaning “quiet place”, you may want to carry a bird wherever you go cause birds can sense danger and also are acutely sensitive…
Amidst the horror, the suspense, and the tensed state the movie put me through, these important elements made up the movie to me- family, love, survival, (more)
A Family not by blood but interest. The sense to want to save and help the other person, the love was shared well maybe it was because of the condition but everyone looked out for each other.
Survival. some people call it “survival of the fittest”. I did learn that every day we see is a survival of the fittest, not only by strength though…
And the kids in the movie….’ Girl’ and ‘Boy’ as they were called, I totally understood the lady Malorie when she discontinued that black cute guy from feeding the kids with fantasy which of cos would just make the kids wanna dream and explore,and I mean its ok to explore and dream of a fairytale life but I deduced from that life isn’t a fairytale.
Bird Box
A family not by blood but interest
Life isn’t what we hear it or see it be especially in this social media age. Life is good, to be experienced in our own way just the way it is. The kids got to understand though. I also get the part that “kids are kids and should be treated like one”.
The Blindfold was one brave act. In reality, if we could discipline and blindfold ourselves figuratively, we would focus more on tasks ahead and things that really need to get done.
Then again I thought to myself if, in reality, some things we do could actually kill us if we dared to look, a lot of people would stick to blindfolds but some will eventually pass away cos in the real world some people are like goats who don’t listen… “don’t open your eyes, unless you die” the eagerness to wanna see and know does kill and is not always good…Thank You ❤️