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Dear muttering minds, I write this to you because I think this is the safest place to let out the deepest and darkest part of my mind to the public, the thing only I, God, and the devil know about and I hope I get some sort of relief after this.

I am a 25-year-old guy and I love boys. Not in a brotherly or friendly manner but in a more intimate and sexual manner. I started noticing this when I was 16-years-old in my ss2 (penultimate class). When I see a handsome guy I tend to stare more than twice just like some ladies do. I tried to ignore it then and hope such a feeling just blows over, but it didn’t work. 

I love boys. Not in a brotherly or friendly manner but in a more…

When I’m watching porn, unlike most guys do, I switch over to the gay section to watch and I enjoy watching it. I get more aroused and a more intense orgasm while jerking off to gay porn than straight porn. I stare at pictures of guys, especially cute tall, and muscular ones. I usually watch movies about homosexuals and I normally rewind the sex scene. I try several times to stop but to no avail. 

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While I was awaiting admission to the university, I was usually home alone so I did a lot of crazy things I couldn’t imagine. One certain time I bought a small-sized plantain and a condom, then I rolled the condom over the plantain and poured some lube over it and gradually shoved it into my ass hole. It was painful at first but in the long run, I started enjoying it to the point of orgasm without touching myself. One time, I recorded myself in the act and edited and posted it on gay porn sites. It got a lot of views and likes, some thirsty guys abroad even contacted me for sex video calls and I agreed to it.

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I bought a small-sized plantain and a condom, then I rolled the condom over the…

I did this for three months until one day I thought to myself, “what the hell am I doing”? I forced myself to stop and found something doing just to get my mind off it. Finally, I got admission to the university, I lived in the school hostel then. I’ve never experienced a hostel life before, that was my first experience. You know in the hostel everyone baths in the same bathroom at the same time. Unlike secondary school where I was longing to get a glimpse of the D, I saw a lot of them in the hostel in different shapes, sizes, and colors which all brought back memories of all my gay sexual adventure; all those feelings I tried to put away all came back. 

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Irrespective of how unhygienic the bathroom was, I would always go back there three times a day to take a bath but the real truth is that I was there to get as much glimpse of the D. This continued until I left the hostel in my third year. I tried my best to ignore my homosexual feelings until I graduated.  I’m glad I didn’t meet any full-blown gay guy in my lodge off-campus cause I’m pretty sure that I would have had gay sex if I met one. 

Bisexual Invisibility –
Am I gay or bisexual?

I’m working now and I have a girlfriend who I love, and we also have sex which I enjoy but those sexual feelings I get when I see a handsome guy is still there. I just ignore it and hope it goes away. Sometimes I still go to gay porn sites but not as often as before. I really don’t want to lose my girlfriend, could it be that my gay tendencies are only a phase in my life that will pass or am I bisexual?


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Ain’t we all hypocrites?  Let us not stress it too much, most times when people want to relate with hypocrisy, it is always about our faith- how as a Christian or Muslim, you have faulted in ways that prove you to be one who has flaws, but let’s take a shift from the whole story to a reality that we choose not to talk about in the mundane Nigerian society. “Gays and Lesbians are humans, and some of them happen to be Nigerians too, how is it that we don’t hear about them as we hear about the LGBTQ community in America?” We are hypocrites!

Just recently, it became a criminal act under section 214 of the Criminal Code, that people of the same sex be found indulging in love related kinds of relationships. This is little compared to the Sharia law on LGBTQ.

While this might seem typical and normal to most of us, we should also know that this doesn’t mean that there are no homosexuals in the country, we just choose not to recognize them because of some beliefs that we have accepted over time.

When two people of the same sex agree to a date and love each other in sickness and in health, for better or worse, it becomes a union bound by consent.
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One fundamental aspect of the constitution of the country is the right to freedom of expression. It is the freedom of expression that allows a person to be able to make a choice of his or her own partner. For crying out loud, Nigeria is regarded as a secular country, and by default, what I accept as the right shouldn’t in any way affect you because we are relative beings with relative minds.

Personally, I feel that we have gone too far by making homosexuality a criminal offense, and the 14 years sentence is just the height of it. Let us think about it logically, when a person commits a crime, it is often said that such a person contravenes the rights of the generality of humans residing in a locality- in this case, Nigeria. How does one person being a lesbian or gay, make him a criminal to be likened to a killer or an Armed robber? This is no doubt the height of our hypocrisy.

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When two people of the same sex agree to a date and love each other in sickness and in health, for better or worse, it becomes a union bound by consent. It becomes a typical marriage that was entered into by right-thinking minds who are able to make decisions for themselves and for their future. However, when we take a stance against these people just because they are of the same sex, what does it say about us? Ain’t we all hypocrites? 


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“I love you, no homo”

😦👆😦 what in the gibberish of cognitive dissonance does this even mean!

That a man cannot say ‘I love you’ to his fellow man without having insecurity issues… Why should the world care about your homosexuality status? 

Love is a huge word, if you must use it in a context, do not abuse it by attaching innuendos on the side. It is wrong.

Every time “I love you, no homo”… Can you not smell the foolishness in the statement? Most of you say it thinking that you have made salient points like it would reduce the efficacy of your manhood if you don’t debunk…hey brother! it’s utter gibberish.

Are homosexuals not human beings? Why create a stigma where there shouldn’t be? Most of you who claim to be normal are always the ones who champion conflicts. Live and let live! Respect the other man.



I have never seen a homosexual blatantly curse out on a man for being ‘straight’, so why the fuss?

The statement “I love you, no homo” is quickly becoming the lowest form of self-evaluation. Let’s put a dot to it now that we can. If you really love someone for who they are and the impact they have put in your life, be free to own the word ‘Love‘ in expressing how you feel no matter if it’s the same sex. You do not have to be insecure about anything.