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“Hi, Frank” Holy shit! Pardon my French but my heart did sink, that was Xavier Castillo, right? I felt so betrayed on Frank’s behalf, who could have set him up? I will place my bet on the chubby cab driver.

You know initially, he had resisted Frank, saying he had turned a new leaf trailing clients, then a few scenes further he is seen disclosing Laurel’s whereabouts to Frank. Hmmm! ideally would the fear of the Castillo’s have let him speak if it wasn’t a set up? Perhaps the first time Frank approached him, he reported back to Xavier hence the plot to lure frank in.

Now Frank’s in, what next? Would he be captured and killed? Hmmm, that’s a tough one, since I watched I have been worried sick about Frank. But guess what I take solace in, remember the preview of Annalise’s death, I saw Frank in the video fuming, except that was a cut and join scene then I’ll be mad. Peter Nowalk, ain’t no kidding this time yo!

Frank Delphino hates to hear “I told you so”, and like he told Oliver, it is embarrassing and so to put him off his mystery, he needs to find the answers first, before anyone lays hold of them.

How to get away with Murder
Laurel Castillo and Frank

The big question lies with Laurel, Do you think she’s been calling the shots or she is actually being framed?

Pronouncing her innocent at this point may be unwise especially reminiscing on what Laurel’s dad,  Mr. Castillo said to Frank when he paid him a visit in prison concerning the safe deposit box. Paraphrasing, he described her as selfish, adding that she loves no one, that was why he wanted to save little Christopher from her wrath.


Also remember Dominic, before Frank sniffed life out of him? what he said about Laurel manipulating all the men who loved her. Phew! What to believe now? Perhaps we wait for episode 4 of How to Get Away With Murder season 6 before we conclude about Laurel.

Meanwhile, how in God’s name will Frank get the hell outta that place? They wouldn’t set him free just like that. Maybe he gets captured and goes missing for a while, leaving Oliver with no choice than to inform the other guys who might just call the police. But the sad news is, the police are not their friends.


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Emmett Crawford is dead and Tegan Price immediately becomes managing partner for Caplan and Gold.

Should Nate believe she has no hands in his death? Of course not! He senses some surreptitious display from Tegan on finding out she signed the documents to get Emmett’s body transferred back to London.

Nate confronts Tegan on his recent findings only for her to divulge that she was under pressure from her bosses, also warning him to back off because “they have this whole place covered”. I bet she was referring to the Castillo’s. Well just like Nate, I am equally not buying Tegans lie.


 At this point, I am scared for Annalise and her whole crew (Bonnie, Frank, Asher, Micheala, Oliver, Connor). I couldn’t have mentioned Laurel Castillo. She’s somewhere in the Loop that involves Tegan and the CEO of Caplan and Gold, Mr. Jorge Castillo, who happens to be Laurel’s father. This explains her disappearance, isn’t it?

Knowing how dreaded the character ‘Mr. Castillo’ has been portrayed in previous seasons, I bet Tegan wouldn’t have betrayed him just like that. Laurel too. I pressure they deceived Annalise, waiting for the right time to drag the carpet beneath her feet. Beware, Annalise! The Castillos are coming.

how to get away with murder
Tegan and Emmett at Annalise house for Christmas in season 5

 If you disagree with my theory, how come Tegan quickly pointed out to the FBI  that Emmett was poisoned? Even the FBI agent appeared shocked for a second. Seeing someone convulsing is not enough to conclude that they were poisoned, is it?

 Nate is definitely on the hunt for concrete evidence to pin her down. Now his google search results for “Tegan Price Mexico City” brings up a 2009 photo of Tegan and Jorge Castillo at an esteemed conference. Hmmm…what does Nate intend to do with this? Prior to his new discovery, he told Annalise on her arrival from rehab that Emmett’s death accompanied no foul play. I bet he wants to be really sure before informing the boss chic.


 Then the huge shock was seeing Tegan assume Emmett’s workspace and flinging his glasses into the trash saying “Boy, bye”. Was this her natural power-thirsty trait at work? Well, I doubt.

 Although the character Tegan on the first appearance in the series came up really strong, seemingly like that ‘point and kill’ lady who no one dares. But in the long run, we discover it’s all a facade. Tegan is a scared cat. This leaves me to my conclusion that she has the backing of the Castillo’s and she definitely knows the whereabouts of Laurel and Baby Christopher.

Wear your seat belts! How To Get Away With Murder is about to get very rough!