borrowing personal belongings of others

2 min read

The effrontery in which some people set their hearts on something that belongs to someone else and then try to obtain it cunningly is irking.

Someone sees you on(with) an item they admire, instead of complimenting you and simply looking away,  they suddenly feel spewing shallow wits can make you give it to them.

Wow! Your wristwatch is so lovely, it should fit me…can I try it on”

So I hand it over to you and as I envisaged, it’s the usual talk… “Jeez! Look at how it sits pretty on my wrist, gift me now… Pleaseeeee”’😒

😦😦 Hell No! Heaven knows it’s the same reason I got it. If it wasn’t lovely and looked shabby on my wrist, I wouldn’t have made the purchase.

How my facials be switching emotions the moment you say “I like this”…

Some go as far as pestering you for weeks until they get it. Another tricky move is they ask to borrow it for a day or two and when you ask for a return, they dish out frothy excuses, that it was either stolen, got spoilt or the most ridiculous is saying they are not giving it back because they like it. Whew! 😧 Of course, I like it too.


I know some items can be so attractive and looking away is almost impossible but cease wishing for the moon. Does it not occur to you that it is also valuable to the owner? You keep pestering, why? If it wasn’t lovely, do you think they would have gotten it for themselves? The most contemptuous of it all is having to call a person stingy because they refused to make your ‘obtaining by force ministry’ a success. Stop it! Go and buy yours OK! 😛