building a home

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Whenever you say “There is no place like home”… I hope you don’t mean that your home is the best place there can ever be?

The cliche There is no place like home‘ in my opinion connotes ‘Uniqueness‘ not ‘Best‘. But many people say it with the intention that their home is the best. It is similar to saying ‘Different strokes for different folks…here it’s ‘Different strokes for different homes‘. Homes and their idiosyncrasies just like humans too. You cannot say which is entirely the best. If I say for example, “I’ve never met anyone like you before”, does it mean that I just said you are the best I’ve met? hell no! it simply means your mannerisms/characteristics are peculiar to you.

Home is where love is, do you agree?

We certainly enjoy the unique taste of mama’s food… When we are away, we reminisce on the dissimilar care from family, the mannerisms in which siblings behave, etc. but that doesn’t mean there is no better place than home.

You might not wanna admit it but many of us have been to places far better than our homes and by this, I mean physically and mentally. It will only be a huge sentiment to think of your home as the best. Perhaps you are right though! I mean if you say your home is the best, who am I to dispute? Noone!