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Yesterday I got home really tired from a trip. I realized everyone in the house was also worn out, they looked even more tired than I was. 

I had made up my mind before getting to the house that I was going to rant about how hectic my journey was in order to ward off any chore they might have reserved for me but seeing how tired they all were, I couldn’t even speak about mine but showed empathy.

When my brother came to me and complained about how exhausted he was, I remained mute. The usual me would have said: ‘Even me too… blah blah blah’… But not today, in fact not anymore should I say that.

even me too
It’s okay not to have an opinion all the time.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a battle of who suffers the most. More often than not when we let a second or third party in on our problems, their response is usually telling us about their own problems. They fail to listen to what we are saying. It got me wondering, is it a case of problems sharpeneth problems huh?

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I agree it is tempting to say how we really feel especially when what the other party is going through is not up to a fraction of ours, but it is wrong. The best thing to do is to listen thoroughly and then edify rather than mumble yours. Again, do you know It is okay not to have an opinion all the time? Sometimes what’s needed are just listening ears, not your mouth. Saying ‘Even me too‘  does not solve the problem but compounds it with no iota of hope.