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Something I think is worth sharing…

So my sister had just given birth and we (myself and bro) went to the hospital to pay a visit. It wasn’t a private ward so we had the privilege of seeing other mothers and their newborns.

Mehn! Babies are so adorable and tiny at birth, who would have thought. I had never made a visit to a maternity ward until now. All the pictures I had seen of newborns weren’t this small, so what happened? ooh I forgot, pictures tell lies yeah lol😊.

Well here’s what I learned from the visit…

There was a woman on the bed next to ours who wasn’t able to pay her medical bills. The hospital had hands off everything concerning her and her baby. They wouldn’t give her baby the basic care like bathing for the child, changing clothing and whatnot, the woman had to do all by herself, not considering she just put to bed and bed rest was imperative. The management of the hospital also would not let her leave until she’s able to pay up. 

The joys of motherhood

In the midst of discussing the woman’s predicament with my family, my brother said some words I’ll love to share with you all.

Paraphrasing he said “We humans are guilty of undermining the importance of breast-feeding. We think it is only for medical benefits and that is wrong. We must thank God specially for it. He made breast milk available so nursing mothers wouldn’t have to rack their heads over what to feed their babies at birth. Breast-feeding is an extra time given to them so they can plan properly for their babies within that six months. Planning with a clear head where feeding is the least of their worries.”

Frankly, I was impressed at his shrewd reasoning. Who would have thought? Not sure I would have. Breastfeeding actually has a more sacred benefit than the medical benefits we know of.

Take some minutes…Imagine if that woman who couldn’t pay her bills had no breast milk to feed her baby, what would have been the baby’s fate? What? 😢