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The Confirmation Syndrome: Tell Me About Me

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And someone’s Whatsapp story read ‘Tell me one thing you don’t like about me and want me to change’.

If I had replied ‘There’s nothing I hate about you’, do you know he won’t believe me? And if I mentioned one or two things I hate, he would debunk them or try to convince me that they are not totally true or give excuses why they are so.

tell me
When you look in the mirror, who do you see? who you see is you.

Most times I wonder why we hunger for a second eye evaluation when we are unsure if we can handle what comes with it. The truth is we know our flaws, what triggers them and the best ways to manage them, we know these things. 

Listen! Whenever someone beckons on you to tell them something about them you don’t like, be rest assured there’s a particular flaw(s) they want you to mention. They are not necessarily interested in turning a new leaf but are keen to know how obvious(intense) their flaws are. I call it the ‘Confirmation Syndrome’


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