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The guilt-trips of WhatsApp groups

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First of all, can all WhatsApp group admins raise their hands and say ‘Hi’…lol.

It is rude to add someone to a WhatsApp group without prior notice,  no matter how convinced you are that they should be a part of the group. Is it so much to ask...”Hello Uju,  I’m creating a WhatsApp group for the Red Cross club alumni, do you want to be a part of it?” It’s that simple!

Of course, you will go ahead to brief me on the sole purpose of creating the group, and if that’s okay with me, I oblige. It is inappropriate to think because I am an alumnus,  I must belong to it and so you add me without prior notice.

If peradventure you didn’t have the luxury of time to ask the eligible persons individually if they would like to be a part of it, then you can add randomly only on one condition.

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Here’s the deal,  when u add everyone randomly, send a note that indicates first, an apology for adding them without prior notice, second the core aims of the group and lastly indicate that it’s a hall pass for whoever needs to leave.

Sometime last month, I was added to a WhatsApp group, ideally I wouldn’t want a connection with any of the members there. You know the saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ right?  it was comprised of a group of people I had bittersweet memories with and left for me, it’ll be wise to bury the hatchet instead of digging further.

Suddenly I get a notification that I have been added to a WhatsApp group bearing an obscure name. It took me a bit of scrutiny to know who the culprit was. OMG!  I wasn’t happy at all, but I kept my calm out of respect to observe the routine. You know, there can’t always be one ‘black sheep’ lol, someone like me who wasn’t feeling the group left and you won’t believe the admin started raining polite curses on the person. Not only that, she began to guilt-trip the rest of us on why we shouldn’t leave.

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WhatsApp group
Do you feel caged in a WhatsApp group?

Helllooooooo! No one owes you any level of activity simply because they are on a WhatsApp group you created. Some people don’t like to talk much, Some like to connect individually not collectively. The most irritating of it all is when your phone beeps continuously due to silly natterings from group chats, arrrrggggghhhh😡.

So many guilt trips come with belonging to a WhatsApp group. Despite becoming a mute, it’s so hard to leave. And if you eventually leave,  you are tagged ‘bitter’ or a ‘rebel’.

It’s a waste of time adding me to a Whatsapp group, I try to keep the pace at the initial stage but eventually falter, it’s not intentional, it just happens, no matter how important the so-called group is. 

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Anyone out there like me? Or perhaps you love WhatsApp groups, I will like to know how you play. Special recognition also to the benchwarmer or should I say ‘Chat Warmer’, who never says a word, not even an emoji contribution but knows all that happens in the group and also keeps record of the group fights. Whatsapp group admins, get in here too.

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3 years ago

😂 group chats requires a special skill

3 years ago

I get kicked out of groups I got added to with my permission, because of inactivity, talkless of groups certain admins Osama bin Laden me into.

You add me to a group, on my own volition or not, I’m muting for 1 year; I mute individuals talk less of a conglomerate of random humans.

3 years ago

My WhatsApp Group Dos and Don’ts 1. If you will not endure till the end, remove yourself immediately you get added..because when you wait till after you’ve been marked as the one with different opinion, once you leave, you’re the devil. (At least inside your mind) 2. If after you’ve responded to a question, everyone including the admin now look stupid due to your answer, next time water down your intelligence level or you are the devil. 3. If you MUST leave the group, wait for the leaving season. There is a part of the week when some brave people… Read more »

3 years ago

I’m actually the active time in groups but I stopped cos some folks see it as an avenue to disrespect or insult you.
I left a colleagues whatsap group cos they don’t discuss something that’s useful to me.
My colleague has stopped talking to me. All she does is throw shades at me.

Bibi Mela
Bibi Mela
3 years ago

Personally, I am indifferent when it comes to Whatsapp groups. Depending on the group though, I could be active if it’s enlightening and beneficial but if otherwise, I’m passive or simply mute/remove myself. No love Lost. 😁

3 years ago

Personally I find it really rude when someone adds me to a group without seeking for permission.
I save myself and my battery by leaving immediately if i should see the group is very irrelevant.
There was this time I was added to group called “Lagos ballers”, funny thing is sometimes I don’t even know who these group admins are or how they even got my whatsapp number.

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