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Reviewed by Chiemela Uchenna
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Now about now, am dropping my opinion about the episode so far for Game of Thrones season eight.
▪Why would Cersei so believed in having elephants in a dragons fight???
Wouldn’t the dragons roast them alive for food??
Isn’t that foolish?
Or it one of the clever and smartest moves ever against the mother of dragons.
Like while her armies are being distracted by the dragons above them, and letting the opposition army attack them freely, she can also use the same tactics for her enemy too…
Distract the army with the presence of running elephants towards you creating a distraction for the opposition army, and giving her army free will to aim at the flying dragons with the giant crossbows…take out the dragons and the war is more human and in her favour!!!! By the way, Daenerys had no preparation for the elephants so I think Cersei was preparing properly ahead of time only to the disappointed there are no elephants.
▪Bran vs Jaime
Brain told Sam he is waiting for an old friend.. friend?
Now he sees Jaime as a friend, he is a new personality and I think doesn’t hold back to his old memories, oh! Fuck that, he isn’t a new personality, he is still Bran he is just doing what is best for the North. Who said he doesn’t still have Bran memory and the feelings?
He fucking supported and singlehandedly put it to Little finger’s how he betrayed his father Ned and all that… who said he doesn’t want payback?
Lol but I think Jaime has a role to play here and Bran would be friends with him….. heard there is a spoiler about how Daenerys will imprison Jaime and then probably Bran will save it., whatever though!


Please give it up for this lady
Her transition is top-notch. From the foolish dumb girl to the smartest and one of the best playing of the game of thrones.
Sansa manages to make Jon look like a fool whenever he tries to say something to her or around her.
She is the wisest and most clever character for me in the show at the moment.
She already learnt from the masters, Little finger, Cersei and Tyrion.
Hope you all know Sansa now has her own army loyal to her?? The knights of Vale.
She is just like her mother giving advice to the Stark boys, but they are so arrogant and So blinded in the belief of doing what is best for the kingdom Lol
I pray Jon doesn’t die.

Why is the white king always up with that sign similar to the Targaryen sigil???

Is he a Targaryen or have a beef against them???
The night king is insane!
▪What would Tyrion do seeing the queen he got so much faith in would want to kill or punish his brother
▪Fucking the queen seems like a great award to Euron or probably a reassurance of the iron throne Lol
▪What would Cersei benefit from killing her brother Jaime?
▪I can’t wait for the mountain to take off his helmet. Lol
▪ Well, I see a big betrayal coming up…..
When Jon finally get the courage to man up for the crown…
Probably Tyrion and the Spider betraying her and then Jon betraying her love and try to take away what she holds so dear Lol
I see the problem with Jon turning on her as he has this high sense of doing what is right especially this recent attitude of her being like her father.
The dragon queen should be killed off
She is just like a father, burning anyone who isn’t with them…..
▪What is that Arya new anticipating weapon like ????
Episode 2 should better give me answers. Lol
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