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These Visitors Have no Idea What We go Through

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“Hello Uju, I will be coming for a sleepover at your house next week on Friday, I hope you don’t mind?”

 Do you know that there’s more to every visit than meets the eye? Visitors have no idea the number of puddles and seas we cross just to make sure they have a comfortable stay at our place. 

The moment you say you are going to pay me a visit at a certain time, I begin to count down like it’s a judgment day. That’s when everything wrong with my crib comes to my conscious and surely I have to fix them…if not all but at least the key stuff before you arrive.

Immediately I think of my torn bedsheets, ideally, I wouldn’t mind using them for the next five years but oops! Bursted!😬 you’re coming around and you leave me with no choice than to lay the new one I have saved in my box for years now, and if there’s none, I hurry to the market for a new one😳.

 I make sure the whole house is sparkling. Every Nook and cranny my broom hasn’t visited in donkey’s years, they must get there today😝!

 Now, what’s on our Item 7…”Sandra prefers turkey to beef and yeah she loves plantain too” I begin to think about all the variety of food you might like. Now it’s operation ‘Stuck up the whole kitchen to meet up with Sandra’s taste bud lol’. 😂

And then Sandra shows up! “Hmmm this house is so sparkling, I’m in love already”. I can bet she said that in her mind😕…lol

Of course, visitors have no idea the amount of preparation we do just so they have a swell time at our place. They perhaps think it’s always rosy like we have just displayed for them.


How I clean tirelessly when expecting a visitor…

You might not reserve any piece of meat for your own meal, but the visitor has two on their plate. Your bathroom frankly is not all the time clean, but mehn! these visitors provoke our reserved neatness, don’t they?

A visitor is coming, that’s when we remember to change our towels just in case they have to borrow it. That’s when we decide to eat meals the economy hasn’t let us enjoy in a while. ‘Visitor is coming! Visitor is coming’...Perhaps we should rebuild another house lol😂.

Why am I saying this? I beg you if you visit someone and perhaps their home is not up to your taste, I need you to know that these people gave it their best shot because trust me they were aware of your coming or didn’t you call😮?

Imagine how bad it would have been if no one was paying a visit huh? Appreciate how you are welcomed in any home you pay a visit no matter how poor it might appear. Don’t go about telling tales about the tap water you were served or whatever bullshit…it probably was their last but hey, they had to reserve it for you OK!

And to you who have developed the habit of paying subsequent visits because your first was like paradise on earth, clap for yourself! You like good things yeah 😂😂. When they ‘see you finish’, better not cry, just humbly take the bathroom brush and begin to wash it yourself because you can’t have them cleaning the whole time…rubbish😂😂!

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1 year ago

Those particular set of people who have made it a habit to drop by without prior notice have a special place in Purgatory 😑.
Thank God my friend that sleeps over is a foodie 😂😂 Whatever you present to her she would accept wholeheartedly.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bubu

Chaiii….only to see this. Whatever, so far its edible 😉

1 year ago

This has always been one of my favourite relatable posts.

1 month ago

If you are coming to my house,better be prepared to cook & wash the dishes after eating,i will even notify you before you arrive .

Ezeugo 1
Ezeugo 1
1 month ago

Did I miss this story?? Hmm.
Every one does this, no one wants to be caught imperfect.

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