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What is Perception to you?

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A friend asked me my definition of ‘perception’ after she concluded it is a false reality.

I told her perception could be true or false, but not be a yardstick for measuring fact. It is an individual’s opinion or understanding of a particular situation, person, people etc.

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If two individuals, one biased and the other, straight forward are asked to relay their opinion about a particular issue, what do you think happens? The former will not tell the exact truth, while the latter will tell it just as it is. The former relays based on feelings while the latter, based on fact. Hence perception could either be true or false but doesn’t change the real fact.

Perception could be ‘true’ or ‘false’ but not the ‘fact’
Our perception of the elements of life and are bound to differ, but the fact remains even though we might be unable to see it. It takes so much effort to recreate a person’s intuition because our brains are wired differently. Perception could be ‘true’ or ‘false’ but not the ‘fact’. It is an individual’s opinion.


Do you agree? What’s perception to you?

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2 years ago

Who decides what is the FACT?
Wouldn’t it be considered a perception of the submitting party, when eventually the fact is dropped on the table?

Just thinking out loud

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