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“Where you left me”

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MeHey dear! Long-time, how have you been?

Someone I’m where you left me o, you just abandoned me.

😨😨😨 For goodness sake, why are some people so myopic in reasoning? So you have been on the same level since the last time I checked on you? Or how else am I supposed to translate such a response? I detest it whenever someone replies me with such unintelligent choice of words when I genuinely check on them. 

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I am not superman, I am not your mum who’s obligated to check on you 24/7 (Even some mums don’t)… I am just your friend, perhaps an acquittance. And just incase you forgot, people are busy.

You left me
How irritated the response gets me

This is a pet peeve for me in friendship. If I call you my friend, I believe we must have attained a certain level of friendship whereby if either of us don’t call frequently, it doesnt matter. No one is offended! And whenever we decide to talk, we relate as goofy as we would without hammering on blame games.

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Why make it about me though? I didn’t call, likewise you… so why do I have to feel the whole brunt of our strayed communication?

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Hey people! No one is mandated to check on you, not even family. If you haven’t spoken to someone in a while and suddenly feel the need to hear from them, pick up your phone and call or pay them a visit if necessary since it means that much to you. Do it genuinely and not because you hope that in the long run such affection will be reciprocated or because you feel its some sort of stupid game whereby whoever calls first is declared the winner and has the right to curse out on the receiver.


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Bibi Mela
Bibi Mela
3 years ago

Why do I feel attacked! 🤣🤣 Sometimes I’m guilty of this though. But just JK! Life is not da serious Bruh! 😂😂😂

3 years ago

Things like these don’t upset me.

Why on earth should I get upset because someone thinks I abandoned them simply because I have not been calling them.

What I hate is someone telling me they’d call back but they don’t. I take it to mean they don’t have the slightest respect for me.

3 years ago

Immediately I saw this post, I didn’t think twice or stall it for later before reading it’s content.. Like I wanted to see if I was not the only one with this mindset. This happened to me just now, a friend called and the first thing I hear is ‘so we go dey sign letter before we fit follow you talk, me I want to be busy like you when I grow up o’ I swear I was irritated, i couldn’t be the nice girl I used to be again, I couldn’t apologize sef. Had to tell him point blank… Read more »

3 years ago

I don’t see a reason why someone will be mad at me cos I didn’t call. My friends are always the ones calling me to check on me and they don’t get mad at me if I don’t call. A friend of mine told me one day that she knows the kinda stress that my job gives me, in that case she understands if I don’t get to call her, but she will always check on me. I must say that I felt bad about it but you don’t have to get offended cos I didn’t call. We’re all busy… Read more »

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