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Whispering doesn’t make it Pleasant

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Stupid individual – Hey come! Come now… Let me tell you something

ME Ah I’m here now, I can hear you from over here, say it!

Stupid Individual– No now! I want to whisper it into your ears

ME *Moves closer*

Stupid Individual– *Says the most ridiculous thing ever, laughs stupidly and waits for a reaction*

I always dread whenever I am told to come really close just to get some talks whispered into my ear. Apart from it’s ticklish, more than half the time, it is some very foolish talk. Why whisper it into my ears? Why not say it out? It is disrespectful to allow someone to come really close only for you to say some very unkind or lewd words to them. For example, a guy whispering to a girl’s ear about her boobies.

You see this girl’s face, that’s how prickly I get when you attempt to whisper.

If you want to pass a rubbish message, don’t say to come close. Just like your mind was bold enough to conceive, so should your mouth be bold enough to say it out  loud so that the world can as well behold your level of foolishness. Or did you for a second think whispering makes it acceptable? Hell No! whispering does not reduce the potency of gibberish in a talk neither does it make it any pleasant.

The irony about this is that It is this same set of individuals that scream out sensitive things they ought to whisper… They be like ‘Hey Miss! You have a very big hole in your pants’. 😬😬…and they expect everyone to laugh out loud in acknowledgment to their stupid jokes. Does this even make sense?


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3 years ago

The last time someone told me to come close that they wanted to whisper something to my ears was in JSS 1.

Nobody does this anymore. If you still have friends who whisper things to your ears unnecessarily then you should be worried.

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