Who Made These Rules? These rules that attack our individuality

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On my way home yesterday the bags I had with me weren’t heavy yet I would have used a hand if offered.

I was with a Male friend actually who could only help with an escort to the estate gate and that was absolutely fine but sincerely I felt amiss that it didn’t occur to him to assist with one of the bags at least. “He’s a man, men should always assist the ladies right?” I thought.

Who Made These Rules? These rules that attack our individuality

But who made this rule anyway? Likewise the other rules that attack our individuality.

There are a lot of societal rules that we have subliminally gotten in tune with since our birth, which of course have been existing before us. Some like this one are irking especially because it focuses on generalism, overlooking the varying personality types.

Let’s discuss this and many more that irritates you and why in the comment section.  

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Vandy Seyi
Vandy Seyi
2 years ago

Being polite can be sometimes draining. Especially with people that don’t observe boundaries; either invading personal space or your private affairs. Which is a normal way of life in Nigerian society (we all feel it is our right to voice our opinions)

Ezeugo 1
Ezeugo 1
2 years ago

Quick question…. If the scenerio was switched, would you help the guy?

Ezeugo 1
Ezeugo 1
2 years ago

So the guy is not allowed to assume she can stomach it?

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