Why Hoard a Compliment?

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I hate it when someone says something like this “If I tell you your dress is beautiful, you will become swell headed so I rather not say”

Wait a minute! What is the essence of compliments if it’s not to massage an individual’s ego at least for the moment.

Common people! compliments are designed to make us have that tingling in our heads, we can’t even help it.

So I received a call from a friend last night, you know one of those friends who don’t call often but when they do, you have this long conversation. So we got talking and towards the end of the call, he said “Uju you are enjoying life o, what’s the secret behind your glow?”


I was shocked.  “When was the last time we saw that you can tell I am glowing,” I queried.

He said he’s been seeing my photos via my WhatsApp status. I became bemused. This is someone who barely chats me, I could swear he wasn’t active on Whatsapp. Then I asked, “Why dont you always compliment me via WhatsApp? a little chat about it wouldn’t hurt yeah”

Immediately he became defensive… “Ah! No o! Why should I? I don’t want your head to start swelling”

His response was funny as well as stupid.

My favorite complementary line

Why hoard a compliment? it’s not like his compliments will feed me though, neither will saying it harm him.

If someone warrants a compliment, give it. It is not your business if they become swell headed afterward. Compliments are a sign that we are doing something right and conspicuous. They are natural self-esteem boosters. Imagine doing the right thing and no one commends you, sincerely how will you feel? I bet your head will swell in the negative and eventually burst out of frustration. We can do better!

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3 years ago

I can understand why any guy would be reluctant to bombard his girl/female friend with compliments. Ladies deem compliments a licence to be arrogant and proud and I can’t fathom why. The more a guy compliments a lady, the more likely he is to lose her. I know you won’t agree with this assertion but it is true. When a guy loves a girl, he feels duty-bound to flatter her to the Moon and back. But most ladies fail to understand that a guy who is interested in them would say all sorts of things to make them feel special.… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Darius

Ouch!!!! 😂😂😂

3 years ago

I can’t go bankrupt trying to dress to kill with my eye blinding highlights and amazing face beat and you decide to swallow that compliment that will boost my ego, it will choke you oooh you better open your mouth and gas me up 😂😂😂😂

3 years ago
Reply to  Bubu

Ladies should learn not take compliments from guys too seriously. Tell a lady she is beautiful and she starts to think she is Agbani Darego. Most guys can relate to this. Am I supposed to tell my gf or female friend she is ugly? Even if she is as ugly as a scarecrow, I must tell her she is beautiful. If not for anything, to make her feel good about herself. This is what most naija ladies don’t understand. Tell them they are beautiful, they believe you wholeheartedly and start misbehaving, believing that you won’t walk away. Then when you… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Darius

Just as it was stated by the writer, if you’re giving someone a compliment, it shouldn’t be your problem if it gets to their head or make them act pompous, If you feel the need to do so then go ahead, But if not your not obliged to do so.

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